We at EXPAD take the concept of SAFETY seriously. As we believe that every Individual should have safe, pleasant and fulfilling experience with us and our Partners. We have outlined certain measures to ensure your safety for you while you are Applying for an Opportunity, Experiencing the Opportunity and upon the Completion of the Opportunity.

A. Applying for an Opportunity

  • Analyse and inquire about the Opportunity and the Host.
  • Learn about the reviews.
  • Listen to your inner voice.

B. Experiencing the Opportunity

  • Prepare yourself for the cultural difference/shock, if there's any.
  • Know your alternatives.
  • Avoid unofficial or unverified entities or Opportunities.
  • Always find your Experience Manager at your disposal.
  • Respect the norms, people, and rules of the Land. (When in Rome do as Romans do)

C. Completion of the Opportunity

  • Express your experience.
  • Outline any negative experience.




For anything or everything else in relation with your safety you can always contact Captain X