Happiness checklist


fill your eyes with the golden ball vanishing in the horizon.


let these million celestial bodies light your mind and soul.

Feeling loved

nothing is compared to the feeling of being loved; butterflies in the stomach.

Petting an animal

sooth yourself and smile while you sooth your doggo.

Fresh shower

drain all the worries down and feel fresh with a smile.

Unwrapping gifts

the curiosity to know what’s inside is enough to crack a smile on your face.

Feeling welcomed

warm words and a cozy atmosphere.

Putting on new clothes

the smell of new fabric and checking out yourself in the mirror.

Tubing in a lake

dip your feet in the water while you sip a chilled beer.

Feeling sand in your toes

put an impression of your foot in the sand.

Trying new things

the new perception that makes new you.

Blowing out candles

making a wish with the well-wishers all around.

Being free

best and most valuable feeling ever.

Taking a bubble bath

it’s just you, bubbles or maybe someone.

Late night conversation with someone you love

deep conversations filled with deep voices.

Visiting airports

whistling noises, new faces new stories, a world in itself.(mine favorite)

Hearing someone’s heartbeat

sign of life; being alive.

Tyndall effect through trees

rays of hope and light.

Long days at pool

lazy, sunny, and happy(with beer).

Laying down after long day

Throw all your work and stress and dive into your bed.

Travelling to a different country

new life, new places, new experiences.

Kids laughing

music to the ears, an instant smile on your face.

Taking cool pictures

capturing your smiles makes you smile.

Deep conversations

eye-opening and fulfilling.

A baby holding fingers

the warmth of new life.

Seeing old pictures

nostalgia and nostalgia.


season of new life, what else.

Trees that are fun to sit on

they look cool and you look cool too.

Riding an open roof car

the wind blows, throw your arms into the air.

Neck kisses

sensual and hot.

Doing crafts

giving life to your creativity.

Making someone laugh

active laughs, passive laughs, and smiles.

Fresh snow

recipe to build snowman and whatnot.

Seeing someone famous

limelight and paparazzi.

Knowing that people are always there for you

affirmations and security.

Helping people

don’t you just love being the reason for a smile on someone else’s face?

This article

Admit it, you smiled at least once when you were reading this article.

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Neel Madhav

Founder at EXPAD From Delhi, for World.

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