Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn about how does EXPAD work, what are the products/services offered by EXPAD, how to avail the products/services offered, and everything in between.


EXPAD works as a common portal for travelers, students, learners, professionals, etc. to match with opportunities listed by businesses, organizations, hostels, etc from all around the world.

EXPAD offers traveling opportunities listed by the partners from all around the world for everyone to suit their style.

There are multiple modes of payment that can be done electronically from anywhere in the world.

Cancellation of Opportunity is free till the payment for the Opportunity. Any cancellation after the payment confirmation is deductible in nature.

Signing of Terms of Participation is required to confirm your position in the Opportunity listed.

A visibly appealing, content-rich, and verified profile attracts higher matches, also your pitch/interview is crucial to get you matched for Opportunities you have applied for.

E-mail verification is the mandatory first step for anyone to access the profile and dashboard. Although, multiple levels of verification ensures better chances of getting matched, a high degree of safety and better assessment.

EXPAD offers seamless Opportunities in all the major sectors to get you going. One can explore the opportunities available to them by furnishing their choices with the help of filters.

An applicant can always write to us, quoting about the issue they are facing with the Opportunity. Although in many cases if there’s no reply for the Opportunity applied then it’s probably because the Opportunity is no more available or expired.

Frequent EXPADers do enjoy a preferential right or privilege over the usual pool of applicants as they have higher chances of getting matched and can avail discounts and rebates on Opportunities.

The privacy of undisclosed and sensitive data of the members is the best-kept secret at EXPAD.

Handpicked Opportunities are exclusive opportunities available and are on a good trend with high match ratio but respectively high competition.

Organizations/Hosts can get their Opportunities listed under Handpicked Opportunities for a time interval by maintaining a good track record and listing charges.

Referral Program is an initiative by EXPAD to encourage the members to refer non-members to engage with EXPAD and in return, they are rewarded systematically.

Campus Rep Program is an initiative by EXPAD to appoint a Representative in Universities, Schools, Organisations to spread awareness and engagement.


Experience Manager is an entity that manages your experience to provide you with a promised and safe stay.

Individuals are not liable for any extra or hidden fees demanded by the Host without any prior notice or consent.

Apollo is a term for Representative who’ll assist the individual in an emergency or crucial situation.

The change of dates for experiencing an opportunity is a dynamic situation and varies from Opportunity to Opportunity. The Host or Experience Manager should be contacted in this case.

The extension or reduction of the experience span of an Opportunity is a dynamic situation and varies from Opportunity to Opportunity. The Host or Experience Manager should be contacted in this case.

Suspension of Opportunity can be done at any point in time but one needs to notify the Host/Experience Manager/Concerned Authority beforehand, also the termination of Experience may result in payment of any outstanding amount or no refund in any balancing amount.

No show from an applicant’s side on the given date may result in termination from the Opportunity after 3 reminder calls and may result in non-repayment of the amount paid by the applicant.

Culture differences and shocks are an essential part of traveling to a foreign land and culture. EXPAD ensures the applicants with their safety and encourages them to be part of new experiences while safeguarding one’s cultural interest.

If the Host is not available or ready to host the Opportunity you went for, then EXPAD encourages you to report the Opportunity and also EXPAD will be liable to arrange an equivalent Opportunity for you else refund the amount paid.

There are numerous opportunities under EXPAD that can be done with your friend/s, partner/s, or in a group.

You can refer to the Experience Manager/Host to switch the Opportunity.

You can apply and avail multiple opportunities if the primary opportunity allows you to.

You are subject to obey the Law of the Land, and the terms and conditions defined by EXPAD and your host.

Any failure in mandatory payment may result in failure in experiencing an Opportunity or related elements.

Individual is liable to compensate to the Host for any damage done either intentional or non-intentional during their stay.

If the Individual commits a felony or breaks the Law of the Land, or breaks the Terms and condition of the Opportunity then the applicant will be suspended from the Opportunity.


Experiencing an Opportunity is very safe with EXPAD as we assess every opportunity with care and certify them.

Unverified Hosts with unverified Opportunities are usually new opportunities with no past experiences. EXPAD takes extra care before listing new Hosts.

One can report an Opportunity by logging into your profile and finding a report button on the desired ongoing opportunity at any time during their experience if the Opportunity is not as per the description, if there’s a possible threat, or if there’s dissatisfaction.

Individuals who are on experience with any Opportunities listed under EXPAD are expected to honor the terms and conditions, the laws of the land, the host, and fellow individuals, if any.

One can report any inappropriate event witnessed or experienced during the Opportunity to the Host, Experience Manager, Law Enforcement Authority, or Concerned Entities.