About us!

About the Idea

You can kill the person but not the idea

Our Idea is to create a platform for individuals where they can explore, experience and exchange. We believe in supporting people to help them realize the motive, purpose, and reason of their life on this planet Earth.

What drives us is the very idea of not settling at all and having this undying push to explore and achieve more and more. Our hunger for the better understanding of the society collects us all together.

About the Intention

Everything changes as the time changes”,

But we, at EXPAD have kept one thing constant from the very beginning and that is “Intention”. Our intention is to “make the world a better place to live in from every dimension”, We aim to reach out to individuals and create an impact on their mind so that they can be the cause for the personal and collective betterment. We focus on minimizing the conflict that prevails in this society by encouraging individuals to take the initiatives and be the reason behind a good change.

“The core of a man’s spirit comes from new experiences”

Help us to realize your authentic purpose and let us enable your potential while you help this idea grow for a better tomorrow.

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Carl Cheise


Neel Madhav


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